Our Approach

At Hoora Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd our approach is simple; bringing innovation that serves. We source and offer advancing and innovative medical science devices that are manufactured by the most renowned and expansive diagnostic company in the international market; Siemens. Our wide-ranging experience in the fields of commissioning, operating, and rendering services including end-user training gives us the holistic edge and makes us pioneers of what we do. To us, our customers and their health betterment is the end goal of all our efforts.

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Our Approach


Hoora Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd submits a proposal outlining the understanding of your needs and recommended approach.The prospect tells us if they are ready to proceed or needs any further information on our proposal. Assessments & analysis; of what is needed and expected test costs.Transparent proposals and presentations taking care about the outcome.


Every client we work with becomes a part of our family, and when need us, will be there for new projects, updated user needs, troubleshooting, and growing in new directions.Feedback survey & maintenance of discussions where applicable. An open door for anything the customer likes to discuss for the future.


Based on information about the user requirements Hoora Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd team will collaborate on the possible technical solutions we might offer. We define the specifications that will satisfy the list of requirements and finalize the outline of our technical plan. A schedule for the execution of suggested plan is presented.

  • Compliance
  • Integrity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Value our people
  • Passion

Recognized leader in the Diagnostics market implementing global practices with passion for our people & partners.


We will proactively capitalize on the emerging opportunities in the Diagnostics market by providing innovative solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations