Supply Chain

Pakistan is located in high temperature zone. In summers the temperatures exceeds 40 C. Temperature is one of the most important parameter to be controlled and stores must be stored and transported according to predefined conditions as supported by stability data

In order to maintain product quality safety and efficacy during distribution, Hoora Pharma (Pvt) Ltd follows set of instructions covering a definite or standardized procedure for good distribution through pre decided Standard operating procedure for sensitive product storage conditions.

Hoora Pharma (Pvt) Ltd ensures to follow the designed SOP by having largest ware housing facility for Medical devices in the country. Two storage facility maintaining temperatures of 2-8 C along with facility to store stores between —-20 to -80 C is available within the ware housing facility. Separate area is designated for storage up to 25 C. Temperature monitoring system is installed in cold rooms and the measurement of temperature is done by Data Loggers from shipping to the delivery of stores at ultimate destination. Hoora Pharma (Pvt) Ltd and its end users can monitor variation of temperature through these Data Loggers with alerts, if any required. The use of dry Ice in transportation of Minus temperature stores is mandatory for product transported within the city or country wide distribution.